1. Fellow:

A person may be elected as a fellow of the society by the admission committee provided the person is or has been actively engaged in the practice of environmental science or engineering or related field for not less than ten (10) years and that such person has attempted such position of eminence in the profession. Such a person’s qualification meets the standards as the admission committee may adopt; the person MUST have been a member for at ten (10) years.


2. Member:

(a) Individual member: a candidate for election or transfer to the grade of an individual member shall at the time of the application be actively engaged in and proficient in a branch or field of environmental science/engineering from a recognized and accredited university or higher institution, and shall have at least 5years experience in any of the related fields, including three years in responsible charge.


3. Associate Member:

Any candidate for election or transfer to the grade of an associate member shall be a person who holds at least a bachelor’s degree or equivalent in environmental science/ engineering or any related field, he shall at the time of the application have received or is receiving suitable practical training in the profession.


4. Student Member: 

Any candidate for election as a student member shall be an undergraduate in a university or similar institution and enrolled in an approved curriculum leading to a degree or equivalent environmental science/engineering or related field.


5. Credit for Experience: A candidate who holds a graduate degree or equivalent in environmental services/engineering or related field from a university shall receive the following towards membership classification.

                                     Master’s Degree – One year;

                                     Doctoral Degree – Three years

The minimum for a combination of the degree shall be three years credit.



Student Member NGN 5,482.24 NGN 2,800.00
Associate Member NGN 10,558.39 NGN 4,300.00
Individual Member NGN 14,111.69 NGN 6,800.00
Fellow NGN 22,233.51 NGN 21,800.00
Corporate C NGN 67,918.79 NGN 42,538.00
Corporate B NGN 118,680.21 NGN 67,919.00
Corporate A NGN 204,974.63 NGN 103,452.00
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